Payment Options


Our preferred payment method

Cash is still king in the land of the taxi driver - It's fast, it doesn't require an internet connection (not always easy to find in the countryside), and people who pay cash are more likely to tip! So we're always grateful if people use cash when they can, but fear not, other options are available.

In-Car Card Payment

Including Contactless

As long as we're able to find an internet signal, we can take a card payment in the car, using a portable card reader, and a secure app on our phone. We accept all the main card issuers, as well as Android & Apple Pay, and don't worry, you can still tip your driver - just ask them to top-up the amount before you tap!

Account Payment

By prior approval only

If you are a company looking to make regular use of our services, we may be able to set-up an account for you and charge you by monthly invoice. We currently run accounts for Wells Cathedral School, Millfield Senior School, Charlie Bigham's, and Somerset Council, among others. Please contact us by email, if you wish to discuss this option, as the on-duty driver generally won't be able to give an answer on the spot.

Remote Card Payment

Paying in advance/on behalf of a passenger/deposit

On occasion, we may need to ask you to pay a deposit, or even the whole fare in advance. Sometimes people wish to pay remotely for a taxi on behalf of the passenger. In these cases, we can easily arrange for a payment link to be sent to you by email, sms, WhatsApp & more. Clicking on the link you have been sent will open an internet browser window, where you can safely & securely enter your card details and pay.