What we can offer

Whether you need a lift home with your shopping, or someone to take you to the airport in the middle of the night, we're here to help wherever we can. Work that we will undertake includes, but is not limited to the following...
Local & long distance journeys
Train, airport & seaport transfers
Collection of prescriptions, takeaway meals, or other courier work
Hospital visits (we can wait for you to complete your appointment and bring you home again)
Journeys between local towns and villages outside of Wells
School runs
Wedding car hire

A note on our operating hours

While it is possible to book a taxi with us for any time of the day or night, due to the nature of the taxi economy in Wells, it's not sustainable for us to maintain an open phone line 24/7. We will always endeavour to answer the phone between 7:30am and 11pm every day, at least, and sometimes we will run earlier/later (particularly Friday & Saturday nights) so you may get lucky. But as a rule, if you require a taxi outside of those hours, we would always recommend that you BOOK IN ADVANCE whenever possible.