We are doing our best to upgrade the fleet to 100% compliancy, with 60% of our cars meeting the Euro 6 standard already. In the meantime, if we have to supply a non-compliant vehicle, we will share the burden with you (unlike some of our competitors), and only pass on £5 of the (£9/£12.50) charge as a surplus to your fare.


Somerset Council set the meter rates for all of the licensed taxis in the county. These represent the maximum chargeable amount, so may be subject to discount, especially if it's long distance. We also offer very competitive set-fares for airport/train/bus transfers, as well as all of the major hospitals. Some journeys require a different approach in order to arrive at a price that's fair for both you and the driver. Below you'll find some explainers that bring some transparency to the cost of your taxi.

Quotations for upcoming journeys may be sought by phone, or email, although we recommend the latter for anything that isn't immediately urgent.

Charging Methods for Unusual Fares

Wait & Return

If you're heading to an appointment outside of Wells, you may be able to save money by paying the driver to wait at your destination and bring you back when you're ready. This is called a wait & return. You pay for the fare to your destination, plus the waiting time to hold the driver (from £25/hour), then get a free ride back to Wells. If the waiting time charge is going to be less costly than the return fare, this can be the best option. In cases where you require the driver to wait, but the journey does not take you out of Wells, the meter will be run throughout the hire of the taxi.

Collection of Food/Prescriptions etc.

The driver will start their taxi meter as they leave the car and head into the shop to collect your goods. This way they will get paid for any time spent queueing up (we recommend you making sure that the collection is set to an agreed time, and book the taxi for that time). They will then get back into the car and keep the meter running until they reach the delivery address, and you will be asked for whatever is on the meter at that point.

Journeys Outside of Wells (Dead Mileage)

If we have to collect you from somewhere more than 3 miles from our base at Wells Bus Station, and deliver you to a destination that is also more than 3 miles from base, Somerset Council allow us to charge for the miles we have to cover without you in the car, also known as "dead mileage". We work this out by mapping the entire round-trip that we have to make to fulfil your journey, splitting the total mileage in half, and thus calculating the equivalent meter rate for that mileage.

Wedding Car Hire

These services are offered on a £POA basis, but we can outline here what you can expect as a basic service level

Wedding Cars

We always consider it a privilege to be included in the plans for your special day, whether for the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids or all three. The car(s) will be put to one side well before your journey is due, so that it can be kept pristine, have the taxi roof-sign removed, and ribbons put on (you can specify the colour). The driver(s) will also be smartly turned out, so that the whole package looks as good as you dreamed it! Once we arrive at your wedding venue we can, if requested, hold the car there for photos, so you can preserve those memories forever.

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